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17. Medication........................a boon

17. Medication………….. a boon .
            The other day one of my friend inquired “why our test cricket players need to see a psychiatrist as a performance enhancing measure?”
“It is a good practice to know ones stress level and take corrective measures against it” I replied  half heartily.
“But” he continued,” why then people do not see a psychiatrist that easily.”
“There are very less trained psychiatrist in India, and people do not take this as a routine check up” I tried to convince him.
It is true, that we,as society do not accept a date with a psychiatrist, forget about taking the prescribed medicine. Our brain, as other body parts, needs some medicine some time. It is okay to take Prescribed medicine by a recognized doctor.
In a monthly meeting of our Non Government Organization, which I used to attend, the family members complained of their relatives not taking prescribed medicine. It is quit surprising that, a diabetic patient takes insulin injection regularly, often himself, a heart patient or a blood pressure patient takes his dose of medicine regularly but a man if prescribed certain medicine by a psychiatrist do not take it.
It is possibly because the social stigma attached to it or a strong suppressed anger towards the medicine that makes him avoid it.
What is the solution to such social problem?
All that has been mentioned in this little book will not work in extreme cases of mood swing also known as clinical depression. when it is quit necessary to opt for additional support of medicine. After a certain level of understanding is achieved any body can pick up various methods mentioned here in.
        One of the lady clients was first assured that, she need not take medicine. She was advised to keep the medicine it the mandir(place of worship) inside  her house. What she has to do is to  pray the God by lighting Diya, candle light once in a day. While doing so, and pray the God by lighting Diya, candle light once in a day. While doing so, and while praying the suppressed anger towards the medicine was greatly reduced. A prayer and anger both can not occur at time. Though this is not a proven technique it has worked in some cases.
The main idea here is to reduce the anger and rejection attitude in a client with more serene emotions with the help of gratitude towards god and surrender to God. One of the clients has given the medicine the label of ‘Dhanvantari – God of medicine- from whom he used to get ‘Amrit’ (nectar) when he prayed with folded hands & wet eyes.
It is amazing! How one can change the hatred in to worship.
Few of the clients are worried abut the side effects of medicine. Let first the effect be noticed forget about side effects, if any. Are we are worried about staying in metropolis city like Mumbai?  How many side (bad) effects it has on us? Are we worried about doing our morning walk in polluted city like Mumbai? Why? We ware more concerned about the effect which is more than ninety percent – and not the side effect which is hardly five percent to ten percent.
Know that, in certain cases, medication is a boon….. and absolute necessity. I shall give general guide line for you and family members regarding the time when one should seek professional help.
1. Loss of sleep 2. loss of appetite 3. loss of libido 4. loss of interest & enthusiasm 4. Pondering over same issues, often thousand times in a day. 5. Social withdrawal 6. loss of concentration 7. Feeling of emptiness and worthlessness 8. feeling of excessive guilt or self pity 9. Rackless thoughts…….. Including that of suicide.
If these/any one symptoms persist for more than two three days it is indication of you requiring a professional help including medicine.
Family members are also advised to note these Symptoms & act immediately.
Seek professional help.............take prescribed medicine....a boon.

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