Thursday, April 25, 2013

14. Develop Gratitude.......and feel bliss

14. Develop Gratitude.
            My fist intense experience with gratitude came a couple of years ago. A teenager boy in my neighborhood, after giving his secondary school examination went for a picnic at sea shore. Next message received was all four friends had been drowned at sea coast. I had attended the funeral and last rights. I still remember vividly the moment when the body was let in to the heated electrical crematorium. The flame was so hot that the body, hair clothes caught fire before it entered completely inside, as if it was waiting for the boy to come in.
This moment has led me to a series of question throughout  the day. What is life? What is an end of life? What we should strive to achieve before this inevitable end? Are king of kings exempted from death? Why not? There was no end to such questions. The beauty of these questions was, answers  were known. In fact, ever body knows the answer; however, it was the first day when I felt the difference between knowing the answer and feeling the answer.
Why not than live happily to day? What makes me unhappy, any way? A thought? Some fear? scarcity? an ill health? What? Why do we get irritated with behavior of others? Do we want them to behave  in a certain way? Why? Why I can not accept low grades in school results of my son? Is my love conditional?
Single answer to all such questions is true gratitude towards God. Thank God for what he has given today. Work for better tomorrow, but do not get unhappy with what you have today.
 Do one thing from today.everyday, Keep a note book and write at least five good things God have given you so far. Never mind you repeat the same. Write down each day five good things in your life.The magic of everyday gratitude will flow every where.
First thing in the morning you should do is ,Thank God for he has given you one more day to work for others
This could be your last chance to know Gratitude.
Develop gratitude.

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