Tuesday, April 16, 2013

8. Avoid meditation...... at least for now

. Don’t meditate ……………for now
            This again is not in line with normal stress management techniques. Meditation in itself is very good for soothing your frayed nerves and soul. The more you practice, the more it shows the results.
            However, here, I am talking for the people who are very much agitated from inside. Such people, if they sit closing their eyes, the speeding thoughts and disturbing emotions will overpower them, within minutes. Ultimately either they have to give up their meditation within first five minutes or they will feel worse after a fifteen minutes session of meditation.
            Such, experiences, will ultimately make a person believe that, meditation is not possible for a normal person. They may again feel inferior to others, for that, the only remedy for their mood swings is not practicable by them. This again is not the truth.
            The main idea here are to purify your thoughts and pacify your emotions by other methods, mentioned in this book, for at least a couple of months. The more you practice the various other dynamic methods, the more internal purification will be noticed. Once you have achieved this state, you will not get agitated the moment you sit in the corner, cross legged with your eyes closed.
            Meditation is very good in itself, for those who has stress under control. It is like double edged sword which destroys your monster in both directions forward as well as backward provided you know how to operate it.
So cool down. The golden idea, for the time being, is to adopt various other methods and reach the level, from where you can pick up meditation in its true sense.
Postpone meditation for now.

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