Monday, April 22, 2013

12. surrender...... re surrender...your panacea

12. Surrender… re surrender a  panacea
            This is single strategy, which is capable of lifting you from rock bottom. Once you hit the bottom it is quite likely that by the grace of good and by virtue of your total surrender you can make it to the top. Surrender is a strongest magnet that can pull you out from any depth. Once you understand and feel the power of surrender you will not go back again.
Imagine rod fitted with a metallic ring in it. The ring is allowed to move between two stoppers upper and lower. These two stoppers represent lower and upper mental status of the human being. The ring (soul) is allowed to move between two mental stages (upper and lower). Generally lower stopper does not allow the ring (soul) to go down beyond specified limits. Due to some unlucky events the lower stopper breaks and the soul plunges in darkness – a vertical fall-a deep fall, is characteristic of depression – rather clinical depression. This vertical rod is your life and the ring is your soul. The freedom is generally restricted by the two stoppers. A man generally behaves between these two patterns. Once, due to gravity, or impact, if the lower stopper is broken the ring goes deep down and it experiences a vertical fall. Now only a powerful magnet can lift this ring up from the bottom. This powerful magnet is almighty and the process by which it can be brought to upper end is surrender-total surrender. When this powerful magnet is requested to act on your behalf it lifts the ring with a great force, breaking the upper stopper and ring goes straight to the magnet.
Surrender in a loose term is known by you as going to the place of worship and pray. Yes, this is the first step in surrender. Nevertheless, complete surrender is far more powerful and soothing then this. When you close your eyes in front of your God you feel completely under his control. You have practically no power even to breath or stand. You feel all power are vested in him and he give some of his power to you. You cease to be a doer of your job rather any job.
How do you know  you have a casual visit  to the temple or a total surrender. Following are sme of the criteria which defines your surrender.
1)                           In total surrender ,you loose your identity  You are no more you , a boss ,a husband ,a wife a student and so on.
2)                           No thought other then seeing his mighty power and his illuminated face  occurs to you.
3)                            You find yourself completely safe in front of him and that you feel his omnipotent power and also know that he is full of compassion.
4)                           You feel that he is capable of solving your problem in seconds, alone and that he is so kind that he will do it for you,or at least show you the way out as well as courage to do it.
5)                           Your request is so humble that your eyes get wet or even you cry profusely the moment you stand in front of him with closed eyes and folded hands.
Please do not think that how a strong man like me can ever cry? This is the purification process. Such total surrender will come only after full faith and repeated attempts.
 Surrender should not be misunderstood with cowardice. A coward can not be a devottee.Please try to understand the difference between other feelings like respect, trust, obey. The only other equivalent feeling is unconditional love
Though God has no shape and size or color total surrender may require some of these attributes . Unless our mind can  specify certain thing, it can not perceive it. So you may need a color and texture of god, Allah, or Jesus.
 However you need to know the difference between surrender and worthlessness. Both are not the same. Worthlessness gives you unbearable emotional pain whereas surrender gives you bliss. Surrender is is a top ranked human emotion like pure love and devotion. It is like trance and is pure and all cleansing emotion.
  The true proof of surrender is ,check after a session of surrender how do you feel.If it is like lifting tons of load from your head,it is true surrender
Surrender –re surrender ,it is your panacea.

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