Saturday, April 27, 2013

16 Observe some time

16. Observe Silence:
            Speaking in itself takes away lots of energy out of your body. If you are sick, you will notice that, speaking requires effort. This I am talking about simple conversation. Imagine, what will happen if you shout and yell at full throat. Besides physical energy, a lot of emotional drain is observed if you yell at some one. If you yell at loved ones it is still worse emotional drain.
Silence is one of the most potent tool that can be used very often against this energy drain. Observing silence is, though it appears, is not simple. Nevertheless, it can be developed slowly over a period of time.
At initial stage, you can start it by observing half an hour silence at your home. This will test your capacity to control your emotion and thoughts. It can slowly be increased up to there hours to six hours at a stretch.
The benefit as I have noticed are numerous. Firstly, you are sure, you don’t have to speak, shout or yell at anybody, no matter what happens, or no matter how the situation is provocative. This in itself is a major gain in keeping silence.
Secondly, you don’t have to prove yourself right to others or you don’t have to prove others wrong for that matter. You will not be speaking ill of anybody during this period.
Thirdly, you know that, you do not have to instruct any body, you do not have to ask any body to do your job. Not even to your spouse or son/daughter. Hence, no question of disobeying your order comes in picture.
Fourthly, you can do your job with high concentration and creativity. Time and emotional energy thus saved can be utilized in uplifting your moods and morals.
Observe silence …. Select a day in week……….. select few hours in a day.

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