Wednesday, April 17, 2013

9. Understand the time trap..........keep cards

Understand the time trap …………keep cards
            Time and again you must have noticed that, there is a specific time in a day when you feel mood swings without any provocation or without any reason. Generally junction of day and night is notice as a phase during which you feel yourself down, without any justified reason.
            No body knows why at such particular time such mood swings are notice. Scientist link these mood swing to sunlight & even try to treat some of these, by an artificial light beam.
            The reason as for as I undaunted is that it depends upon person to person and his attitudes. Those who are very anxious and doubtful about their day and their wok ahead feel bad mood in the morning and those who have perfectionism or having ego. Many feel bad in the evening, thinking their poor performance in the day that has gone. This becomes so automatic, that you may not be aware of a single thought and its expanded version before you loose your mood. Nevertheless, each mood swing must accompany a thought, a negative thought its’ implication out of our imagination, like anger or helplessness to correct the situation and on and on. Such behavior ultimately leads to bed mood in minutes.
            A typical bad mood in the morning starts like this. “To day is board meeting and I have to give presentation” our mind starts searching for the work as soon as it wakes up. Thought of inadequacy my immediately lead you to think “whether or not I will be able to handle the situation.”
            “What will happen if I fail?” “I could be fired” and you visualize yourself being fired & searching for another job. This whole process completes within thirty seconds and rest of the morning is lost in bad mood. This further multiply your problem, making you less confident.
           For those feeling bad in evening, it could be analysis of their work. “To day I made a silly mistake in my work. How can I do this? What my boss will think abut my ability to do work and doom, bad moods.
            Imagine a strong magnet and a small ball of iron, trying to pass by it without being attracted and associated with it. It is not possible. Your mind has first decided to let you down, it them try to search for the reason, which it founds in seconds. Everyday you could have separate and very small causes to feel bad on specific time.
            Know this time trap. You need to understand your own time trap and be aware of the situation during that time. Every time you find yourself being dragged in to the time trap, write down the problem on a small card and put it in your pocket. Convince yourself to solve this problem later in the day but not now. Touch this card frequently, making yourself sure that you are aware of the problem, but you do not  want to solve it right no. Let you thought of “I could be fired” “ or “To day is the board meeting” remains on paper till afternoon. Take out the card after you finish you presentation and laugh loudly on your morning thoughts.
Postpone you spiral of toughs time being keep card.

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