Saturday, April 13, 2013

4. Make serenity your Goal-only goal

Make Serenity your goal – only goal.
            This idea is in all probably, away form the management technique. A good leader or a successful professional should set his goal high, normally physical goals like so much money, so many industries……….so much powers etc.
            What I am suggesting here is specially designed for the people whose mood and emotions do not allow them to rest properly not even during night hours. In such circumstances yourr goal rather only goal should be serenity and bliss.
            In fact, all your efforts and goals are ultimately intended to get joy and serenity in life.
            Shading the anxiety, fear and stress in itself is in itself a goal. Write down your goal as “Bliss at all cost at all time.” Everywhere you look at, on your mirror, on your working table, calendar, and diary. Read this goal nearly hundred times in a day. If you really mean it, slowly but certainly your approach towards the problems and moods will shift. When you say – and men it – “bliss at all cost at all time” it is a top priority for you. Remind again and again, of this goal, to yourself, write down this goal in your dairy a dozen of times in a day.
            When I suggest you this, you may find this as an absurd idea. How reading and verifying of a goal like “bliss” will lead you to bliss. For Gods sake don’t doubt this. Just mean it and do it.
            To strengthen the idea of your goal “bliss.” Take up a character whom you think a perfect symbol of bliss in all adversity. Read everything about your hero. All the literature you lay your hands on. Let it sink in to your subconscious mind.
            Remember all other material goals are of no value if you are not at ease with yourself, not happy and serene at heart. This technique may require considerable time to show you the results but it certainly works.
            Make serenity your goal ………….. only goal.

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