Thursday, April 11, 2013

3. Ask Why not me?

1.     Ask why not me:
This idea of “Why not me” was reveled to me by a young boy. This boy, very intelligent in his study was not selected for a scholarship. He came to me, with his head down and said, “I am not selected.”
“So what?” I explained there are one hundred and twenty students in your batch. Why not others?
Suddenly. I realized how easy it was for me, to advice this boy. In one of my illness I was always unhappy about “Why me, O lord” Slowly it dawned on to me that, the question “why not me?” has a deeper meaning than it appears.
Any set back, physical, emotional, financial or career problems, family problems, demise of a loved one, you name it, can be eased by asking “why not me”, There are hundred thousand people around you. It has to happen to any body. It could be me, you or anybody else. It is just a matter of chance, that you were short listed for this purpose.
I am not saying here, that you should take everything lying down, without any diligent  fight. Work, fight and remember the question “why not me?”
It is not as easy as it appears to accept the full meaning of this question. Nevertheless, with full understanding and repeatedly asking the question “why not me” will ultimately ease out the intensity of your emotion about any event.
            Trust me, it is a unique experience in this journey.
Ask why not me? ……………and ease the intensity of the emotions.

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