Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Gifted Toy-Just be aware and accept the situation as A Gifted Toy

1.     Gifted Toy:
This is the first step in changing your mood pattern. Moods are more or less automatic dependent upon  your environment, biological condition and of course your attitude. Moods are like swings, this moment they are on this side the next moment on other side.
            Fighting the bad moods and bad thoughts will worsen the situation. These are ‘n’ number of thoughts you may experience in a day. The problem starts when you stick to the negative one. The more you try to control, the more it will bounce back. If you have developed the habit of negative or bad mood, your mind will search for one, find it out in seconds and then will stick to it. It is like a strong magnet attaching small pieces of iron and than holding it indefinitely.
            Once a disciple asked his guru, “Guruji I want to realize God, how can I achieve that?” “Sit down in a corner, close your eyes & think of God. Remember, you should not think of a black dog while you do this” After few hours the disciple comes to Guru exhausted and said, “It is impossible not to remember black dog, Guruji.”
            “I knew that, now let any thought come and go, you just watch it.” This is the correct way you can handle your bad moods. Let those bad moods come and go. You be there & be aware.
            I know a man, who has several disease as per diagnosis by the doctor. he was very much upset by the way he had to live. These are lot of restrictions and lot of medication, suggested by the doctor for him. I have seen him very unhappy for days together. One fine morning he came smiling. On asking he reveled, “I have accepted my health and life as they are. I have no complaints.”
            Know it for sure that, this is a gifted toy specially given to you by the almighty to play with and learn something from the life events. Also be aware that, all that negative appears correct today, is not the true picture. It is like coloured glass you are wearing, which gives coloured pictures. If you can not stop the negative thought & feeling today, just be aware & pray to God to lead the way.
            Just be aware, pray and accept this situation as “Gifted Toy”

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