Sunday, April 7, 2013

1) Introduction to Book on Depression-A Gifted Toy


In today’s world there are lot of stresses. People need to perform to their peak and are always on their toes. Lot of people has a brush with death, an encounter with a failure, people has been cheated by close relatives, deserted by spouses or unhappy over ill health of their relatives so many have lost their jobs in the recession.
            These extreme stresses develop lot of problems including psychosomatic diseases  and psychological problems. Few of them have to resort to various medicine to control their anxiety and mood. Though, this book is not a substitute to any such expert’s opinion, it will definitely work hand in hand with al other remedies.
            There are lots of books on self help available in the market. Never the less “Take it easy” “Think positive” “Don’t give up.” Such advice do not work when emotion run rampage. No amount of wisdom or will power will reuse you out of an anger or anxiety attack, once it has set in.
            This book is an attempt to make reader aware of the original problem and to resort to some practical solutions for their emotional problems. This book will not make you a leader, an executive or a top politician. The main idea is to make reader aware and comfortable with his bunch of feeling. It is a humble attempt to make reader feel good. Most of the time, while performing his normal day to day activities.
            As the reader  incorporates, the ideas on regular basis, slowly but certainly the approach toward feelings will improve. Awareness of feelings and controlled set of moods are the ultimate goal of this book.
            This would be a worthwhile attempt if any on reader, you, can get awareness of the feelings and manage to feel good through out the day.
            The gifted toy (tame the monster inside you) is a poem, which narrates a tale of a person-you-me, suddenly Struck by the mood swings. In other ward a person in depression and in some cases a clinical depression.
                        A clinical depression is defined as loss of hope, loss of interest, loss of appetite, loss of energy, loss of sleep, loss of concentration in all day to day activities, that persist more than few of days. All unhealthy emotions like worthlessness, quilt, remorse, self pity, pity on others are part of this monster-known as clinical Depression.
            It is absolutely necessary to take expert advice, professional help and medicine in extreme cases. Please ………… please do not avoid seeking expert’s views or medicine if required
            Following major steps are involved in your recovery & be aware.
  1. Accept be aware that there is a problem.
  2. Get help……… from the professionals if required… (including medicine)
  3. Surrender.
  4. Fight back………… use various techniques shown here.
  5. Help otheres.    
            The other part of poem “Gifted –toy (tamed monster, a buddy) is a winning song, a joyous out bust of the same person you-me, after overcoming his worries, mood swings and depression.
            This small practical booklet is the out came of my own struggle to control unhealthy emotion during my early years. Hence, it is full of all practical idea used and are being used to change the mood pattern.
            I wish the reader will cheer-up after reading the book and practicing the small ideas given therein, May God bless you.

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