Saturday, April 6, 2013

Hi-well come ,all those who are bogged down by Depression

  I well come you to my blog,which will teach you how to cope with depression- clinical depression.
  I will show step by step ,how to come out first ,and then to cope up.

 By the way I will introduce my self
 I am Mr. A.J.Dave, an Engineer by profession and live in Mumbai, What  I will write and narrate are all by my own experience. There is no theory all practical approach.
 In a nutshell ,If I describe the symptoms of depressions ,they are
1)loss of hope and interest
2) loss of sleep and appetite
3) loss of concentration
4)loss of energy
5) feeling of worthlessness and guilt
6) extreme anxiety
 If these symptoms persists for more than few days, be alert
 There are medicines which are required to be taken as prescribed by doctors and this blog is not a substitute for such experts /doctors advise. If prescribed ,medicine are must.
 However, it is observed that, only medicine does not give good results if not  backed up by counseling or other methods
   I will reply your questions, also if any

Out of my experience I have written a book -A Gifted Toy- which is e published by
 wish you speedy recovery
love you all

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