Wednesday, April 24, 2013

13. know the physical symptoms............keep away

. Know the physical symptoms…….keep away
            By now you have noticed that, a mood swings brings along with it physical symptoms. Never think that, a bad mood is just a bad mood. In fact, stress itself is designed by nature to bring bodily changes in human being. A moderate stress induces energy and concentration in you. However if it exceeds and does not fade away in couple of days, it may drain your energy.
            When a stone age man faced an animal, say a tiger, what was required for him, was instant energy. A surge of glucose in blood, sharp eyes and ears, tight muscles, ready to run or fright these are the symptom of moderate stress level or say good stress. This is known as ‘fright or freight’ syndrome. Nevertheless, if you face stress looking at your boss, you can neither fight nor runaway. Thus, the stress increases in your body making you week. It is like putting your security guards on high alert 24 hrs a day, 365 days a year and years together. Imagine, what a great tall it can take.
Everyone develops his own physical symptoms. Tight mussels, headache, body ache, loss of appetite, insomnia high blood pressure, ulcers etc. are the general symptoms of high stress lever. However, these are some immediate indication which you must learn before these symptoms go out of control.
You have your own set of feelings when a certain issue occurs. like initial emotion of anxiety and strong anger which persists over after half an hour, which keep on increasing the more you think over it. Such triggers are very small, comparatively, but those will make you uneasy for the complete day.
Suppose you have become sensitive after the death of your close relative in an accident. Now while traveling, if you happen to see an accident on road side, you immediately remember the incidence in which you have lost your close relative.
After a white if you can put aside the thought and emotion and proceed further. Everything is fine. However, if such emotions persist, you immediately get the physical symptoms of your stress; you feel uneasy, sad and start feeling headache within first half an hour. Know it for sure that, this is your trigger and it has triggered the physical symptoms. Just be aware of your trigger and keep away for the time being from them till you desensitize yourself to such triggers.
When a single thought disturbs you day in and out, when it is the first and last thought of the day and when it again comes in middle of night as you loose the sleep, know it for sure that this is a clear symptoms of depression. Don’t panic, get courage and visit your family doctor, who in turn will direct you to a psychiatrist.
When you visit your family doctor don’t give vague symptoms like loss of energy, loss of appetite etc. the main symptom is loss of sleep in early hours and pondering over the same issue, thought again and again. Know it for sure that there is no fault of yourself and that; you can forgive yourself for any of your fault.
Know your symptoms early, consult doctor and keep faith.
The main idea is to understand your triggers the on set of physical symptom and art of keeping away from it before they explode and blow your mood apart.
Be aware of such physical symptoms and keep away.

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