Sunday, April 21, 2013

11. Do not take major decisions least now

11. Do not take major decision………… at least now.
            “We will have to overhaul our machine, before we start our major production process” declared my foreman, one day in our workshop. “Why, what is wrong with the machine, it is working.”
“Sir, he explained” I only know how it is working. It will not pass the trough trial of there weeks at a stretch.”
Suddenly, it dawned on to me, how come we are not aware of over body, mechanism and emotions. Without knowing its true potential some time we indulge in a heavy job and get upset.
By now you must be aware that, the basic problem lies inside and not outside. It is your vision and perception which has been magnified and distorted.
Once the vision has been distorted by impurities, it is advisable to clear the impurities first. A series of mood swing may prompt you to do something extra ordinary and wipe out it once for all. This may prompt you to take major decision and changes so as to feel good from inside. The only purpose of such decision is to feel comfortable with yourself. Know this trap and avoid it.
With such a vision. it is not advisable to take any major decision of your life. Generally you believe or rather anticipate that, you could feel happy, secure,safe as well as competent after you make such major shifts. It may prompt you to change your job. career, house or even spouse. Hold on; don’t indulge in any drastic decisions right now.
You are the best judge of your vision. How do you test your new spectacles? Look at the test board, in the mirror outside the window and at the ceiling. If you find all view are distorted, there is something wrong with your specks. Look every where. If you are finding problem everywhere, in office, at home, with your friend, with yourself. stop here. If your have sleepless night and tired moorings, lower mood and less concentration, stop, do not initiate any major tasks as of now.Just keep on doing low profile,routine works.
Such hasty decision my spiral you life and career. Alcohol, smoking and drugs are some of the trap which appears to give you relief from your mood swings. Be cautious of such traps. Do not multiply your problems by taking Alcohol, drugs or smoking the cigarettes.
The best choice is to take advice of a trusted friend or your spouse, when you feel the vision has been distorted.. Ask some one to read for you, if you are not having correct glasses.
Correct the glasses first, look and act.
Don’t take major decision….. at least now.

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