Monday, April 15, 2013

7. Yogasana-Best antidote for Depression

Yoga and Straching – a helping hand
/:yogah chitta vritti nirodh:/
Controlling the flickering mind is Yoga.
            Yoga, as it is normally understood in yogasanas which is one of the part out of eight fold yoga. Nevertheless this single part is enough for you to maintain calmness of mind. If you use yogasanas with various other breathing techniques it works wonders.
            The benefits of yogasana are not new thing for science. It is already proved that, for all chronic health problems, regular, stretching exercise is best.
            Regular mood swings are indeed a chronic problem. These can be eased out by regular practice of yogasana, what you need is a good institute, an experienced teacher and a will to continue.
            There are lots of (literature and Audi video cassettes available for this. However unless you are committed it will not help you.
            Suffice it is to say here that, a regular Yogasana session is an important tool for you to fight with your inner monster.
            It is highly recommended that, the yougasana should be learned at a reputed Yoga institute & under the guidance of professional trainers and doctors. Besides during a Yogasana session in a group is itself therapeutic.
            I shall not elaborate on the  usefulness of straching exercise for your mood swing problem. However, there is lot of practical Vedio Cassettes are available in the market or over the internet. It would be very effective if you first go for a long walk and then practice Yogaasana for half and hour.
Use the Trusted tool. Do Yogasana.

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