Friday, April 19, 2013

10.maintain a Diary

. Maintain a diary ……………sooth your nerves:
            The other day my son asked me, “Papa, why do we remember more when we write rather that simply read.” “Find out your own answer” I replied casually. After a few minutes he said “oh, I know because we use, greater part of our brain while writing so we remember more.” Though the answer is partially correct it led me to think how if we use greater part of our neurons, that too charged with emotions. The idea of writing down your thoughts and emotion in the form of a diary will help you soothe your nerves.
            If you are emotionally upset and try to find any reason just by thinking process, it will not work. Thinking is such a fast process, that is very tough to control. The difference between thinking and writing is like difference between an atom bombs and a nuclear reactor. The process & reaction in atom bomb can not be controlled once it has started, where as a nuclear reactor gives out heat & power as per our requirement and in controlled fashion.
            There are some basic rules in writing down a diary/notes or letters.
  1. An out burst of emotion in the initial stage.
  2. Logic in the middle.
  3. Positive note at the end.
Remember your mood depends on the end of you thought process, where you ultimately reach and stick while thinking. If you have a habit of sticking to negative thought after almost all thought processes, you need to correct it by frequently writing such diary or letter & notes.
Now take up an example.
            Your spouse has yelled at you in presence of  guests and you are very much upset over his /her behavior.
Write a note/diary like this.
a.       My spouse…………….. have made very wrong thing by shouting at me in presence of guest. I am very unhappy and upset over his / her behavior. I do not know how I can handle these emotions. This is very disgusting…….etc.
b.      I know he/she has made a wrong thing; however, he/she also gets tired due to days hard work. Besides he/she works overtime & gets more tired. In such circumstance some small reason might have exploded him/her. Such occasions are very rare in our life. It may not be his/her fault altogether. May be situation is to be blamed……………
c.       Yesterday he/she has spent three hours cleaning the house and doring some other household chores. He/she is loving and charming almost all the time. I think I must forgive him/her. In fact he/she is very valuable person in my life. I love him/her. Thank you for your love.
If you are unhappy with yourself, your health, the circumstances in general, you can address such note to yourself/ your GURU/ your role hero for your emotional recovery.
Write diary and soothe your nerves.

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