Monday, April 15, 2013

6. and lots of faith

. Faith, faith and lots of faith.
            “Faith is a bird which feels the light and sings, even when the dawn is still dark.” (R. Tagore)
            This is the exact definition of faith given be R. Tagore. This is the single virtue which can make you pull on in spite of all adversities. Faith is an abstract thing. If you develop this virtue it will make you life comfortable. Faith in almighty, faith in GURU, God, Jesus, Christ, Allah Whatever you believe whole heartedly will work wonder.
            This is no superstition; please don’t misunderstand it with rubbish  by an illiterate man . Recent study has shown that, those who attend temple, church frequently have lover stress & stress related ailments.
            Faith does not depend on your present status it does not ask for any proof, it does not diminish with time. It is unshakable, you don’t loose it even if you loose everything. Faith in any person or individual may not wok here. Faith in almightily/God is absolutely necessary. Know it for sure that the Sun can not give you darkness.
            The question now left is how to develop such unshakable faith in almighty. Asking someone to develop faith is quit easy, but to develop an unshakable faith in yourself is not an easy task. When a small child narrate his problem to his father or mother he is sure that the father or mother has answer to his problems. He then leaves all the problems to his Father/mother. Same mental attitude is required to develop the strong faith. When you seek higher powers help with full faith that, nothing is impossible for him you feel calmer.
            There are two ways of increasing the faith in higher power. Like all virtues repartition is one way of increasing the faith. If you name this higher power say Ram, Buddha, Jesus, and Allah. It would be easy for you to accept his power. A daily does of faith in his awesome power will slowly boost you faith in him.
            The other way is to select a role model who has achieved complete faith in God. Remaining in constant emotional touch with your role model will enhance your faith in God. He could be your GURU also.
            Faith should not be misunderstood as blind faith. Faith in any person is not recommended. Draw a line between trust and faith. Trust could be in the human being but faith should only be in almighty.
            A word of caution, please do not go for instant GURU in a haste. It is advisable that Guru should not be any living person on earth. The issue of cheating by so called Guru should be avoided at all cost.
Develop faith …………..lots of faith.

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