Sunday, April 14, 2013

5. Keep Moving......loose inertia

. Keep moving …………..loose inertia
            One of the worst place for your emotion to set in spiral is your rocking chair. Whenever you sit on your easy chair in a pensive mood, it drags you, in minutes to sadness. This statement is not correct for all the persons. However, if you have a tendency of mood swing you will agree with it.
            The ‘keep moving’ idea is simply a time schedule which include your work, daily chores, exercise and entertainment. This however, will not include sitting idle doing nothing for more than half an hour.
            One of the best mood lifters is an exercise. Make it a habit to go for a long walk 30 to 45 minutes daily. All medical books and research will vouch for it. We are not hare to discuss the anatomy of how it works  Just do it.   Better results will be noticed if you take a walk man Mp 3 player with you, listening to your favorite music.
            Maintaining daily routine, in midst of emotional set back will slowly lift your mood. It is highly essential that, you continue your daily job, business and work, at a slower pace, without discontinuing and activity. The main idea is to ‘Keep moving’ don’t gather inertia at any cost. Know it for sure that, those who move, even slowly, reach the destination sooner or later.
            The problem however, is for those who are not working. For such people working means helping others. Please don’t try to search for a job on urgent basis. This may further disappoint you. All that you need to do is help children do their school homework, help elderly person in  their shopping. Find a worthy cause and work that may not give you any remuneration. You should Join gymnasium  and yoga classes for at least two hours a day. Join a library for two hours a day.
            It may be possible that, some people find it very difficult to come out of their bed in the mornings. People who have lost hope, of future or those who have nothing to do after coming out of bed may be reluctant  to start a day itself.. More so some are terrified by the thought of facing their own wayward thoughts.
            Come, here is hope for you, Keep moving, even if it pains initially. Go straight for the walk from bed. Take a pat dog along; take a MP-3 players along and move......yes move first.
Keep moving.

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