Saturday, May 4, 2013

18. Listen.........just listen

18. Listen…………. Just listen:
            “Listen to what others say” is a general advice given to everyone. However, what I suggest here is not just listening to other persons views. Yes, it is a good habit to listen carefully before you speak out. But, we are concerned here to rectify your wayward moods.
I think, by now, you must have understood the idea of surrender. The words of wisdom spoken by GURU the name of lord taken by GURU are some of the words you must listen carefully and repeatedly. The beauty of repeated listing is that, it slowly seeps in to your subconscious mind. If you have surrendered to you GURU or the god whole heartily , you will take all his words with unshakable faith. The stronger the faith and more the repetition, the stronger is the base in your subconscious mind.
I have a habit of listening saint Kabir and Swami Ram Das, repeatedly, during the morning walk and Yogasan. This has made such a strong base that, whenever I loose my center, I remember a word or two of advice ringing into my year and straight in the my mind amending my faulty thinking process. Among all MANACHE SHLOK (an advise to mind or musing the mind) by Swami Ramdas is a conPACT version of all psychology, psychotherapy and councealing available to modern science and social science put together. I have never come across or even have a dream of coming across such a beautiful gem of advice. It shows an emotional struggle of a young boy of thirteen who left his house and stayed in Jungle who hit his bottom in an early age and came out as a triumphant saint of all ages, in later past of his life.
Kabir, as used is an infinite source of wisdom and bliss for me, any time I listen bowing down which bowing hand and wet eyes. This is the first part of listening.
The second part of the listening is to listen sitting quietly and closing your eyes. Listen the various sounds all-around you, while your eyes are closed. Find out which one is the farthest sound and which one is the nearest sound reaching you. Then track a single sound – say an auto rickshaw – till it fades away. The idea is just to listen without relating and without any emotional impact. This technique if you practice for five minutes a day. It will make you cool against any irritating sound.
Learn to listen – repeatedly
Learn to listen – selectively – without reacting.

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