Thursday, May 9, 2013

20. Take up Mantra..........engage the mind

20. Take up mantra:
            There was a poor man living in a small village. He was a very lazy man. He wanted a servant, who would work for him through out the day. He prayed the God and asked for such a servant. “Okay” God said, “I will give you such a powerful servant, who is very quick in his job. The only problem is he can not remain idle. If you l do not  give him work, he will spoil every thing in your house and even kill you.” The man becomes very happy. However, within a couple of days he understood that, it is not easy to give this powerful servant enough work. He becomes very much worried over the issue. One wise man advised him to put a ladder in his backyard and ask the servant to climb up and down the ladder till he was asked to perform any other task. The problem of keeping these servant busy was immediately solved.
Every one has this giant servant with us i.e our brain. It needs something to do all the time. If it is not doing any thing it may drag you down.
The secrete of keeping this great servant busy was discovered long ago by our forefathers as engaging it in reciting the lords name several times  in a day. This idea, I am afraid, will not please all of you. Some one may treat it as superstition or even waste of time. Nevertheless, it works wonders, especially if you are loosing your mood very frequently, you must try this technique.
Some of the benefits are:
  1. Reciting the lords/Allah name will not allow you to stick to any one negative thought and will not allow you to be dragged. This is because every time you recite, your attention shift to the recitation, making your trigger and emotional drag less potent.
  2. When you are sad or engrossed in negative thought pattern your Jaws become tight, your breathing quick and shallow. On the other hand, if you recite the name of lord, your jaws can not remain tight, giving a signal to the brain that everything is alright. Besides these mantras are designed in such a way that they require deep breathing and slow exhalation while reciting, making you calmer.
  3. The important aspect, however, is to feel secure while you are reciting the mantra. If you have the  unshakable faith in the God and his awe-some powers and faith that, he is ready to help you out, you feel secure immediately. it is exactly the way, a small child hides himself in mothers lap, when he is afraid of anything. The child is dam sure that, his mother is capable of driving away his cause of concern. The faith should be unshakable. The unmatched faith in his power will give you psychological security instantly. If you have linked his power to his name, rest assure, Gods name will work wonder for you.
The time when you are prone to mood swings should be utilized in reciting such mantras.
            A word of caution here is, the work should not suffer in doing such recitation. The monster should be directed to the ladder only when there is not sufficient work for him.
            Know your time trap and recite mantra with faith...engage the mind.

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