Tuesday, May 28, 2013

25. Read Good Books...up lift your sub conscious mind.

25. Read Good books
Your personality depend on what you read. This statement is correct in its true sense. Time and again you will be advised to read good books. You will be amazed at how far good books can help you cope up with your mood swings. Religious books and self help books can help a lot to counter your bad moods. Autobiography of a great person, life long struggle, coming out of adversity, strong will power, steadfastness, truth, integrity at the cost of life, you name it, all  virtues are available in true characters of history . Find out for yourself and read … keep reading.
            The idea here is not to kill the time or diverting your mind to some where else. It is a slow and steady route to up lifting your life… without fail.
            Imagine water filter (earthen candle)  having two compartments. The bottom one from where you draw the water, the upper one where you pour in the water. With years of pourring in polluted water, you get muddy water even after the filter. You have no access to the bottom compartment directly the only choice left with you is to pour clean water from top so that after some time you will get clear water from bottom compartment. Like wise, your sub-consciences mind is the bottom compartment and your conscious mind is the upper compartment of the filter. If you want to change the quality of you thought coming out of your subconscious mind you have to feed good thoughts in to your waking mind , continuously.
            This technique is very slow but it will surely lead you to good thoughts and calm approaches towards the situation. Know it for sere that, this is not just one idea to be used to acquire knowledge. True wisdom will follow after prolong reading of good books.
            A list of good books is given here in table(at the end of this book). This is, by no means an exhaustive list, but is good to start with good reading when accompanied by good audio cassette the effect will multiply. Your brain takes in data from various sources. Main data entry is through eyes & ears. If you feed continuously good data. Positive all the time data, then your brain will ultimately respond to suit it.
            Habitual bad mood can also be neutralized by constant feeding of good thoughts from such books. It may be possible that you do not believe in what has been said in the book at the first stoke. Make it a habit of reading at least one hour such good books every day. Keep a book continually with you. Where ever you find some time –while waiting or traveling- you can start reading.
            More effect will be noticed if you choose a model personality, a leader, a Guru, whom you admire, to whom you can surrender, and read all about him or all the books written by him.
            These are ‘n’ number of good books available in the market. A list of few of them is mentioned at Annexure I 
            A word of caution is here is to avoid all books pertaining to horror, disease black magic, tragedies, or even simple novels.
Start reading from today.........up lift your subconscious mind.

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