Saturday, May 11, 2013

21 .Surrender to mentor.......the way out

21. Surrender to GURU/Mentor – the way out.:
            This being a debatable and sensitive issue, before venturing to say anything, I would like to put a word of caution at the beginning.
            By general definition, it is known that, a GURU/mentor is one who teaches us something. However, learning the method of livelihood is something different then learning the basic life science. A GURU/mentor teaches you the ultimate truth of life. Teachers, teaches you mathematics,  science, physics, medicine, engineering and so on. This knowledge is lodged in the upper layer of the brain. The lower layers pertain to basic instincts and emotions,like love, fear,sex,hunger faith, devotion and bliss.
            Before you embark on GURU/mentor shopping please understand certain basic requirements of a GURU. Otherwise as saint Kabir says, “If GURU and his disciple both are blind, they will  fell in deep, dark well together.”
            Never make a GURU, who is still alive or follows his disciples who are still active and trying to capture as many as disciples as they can. The basic ideas here is to protect you from any misguidance or cheating.
            One, who you think and believe whole heartily  has realized the God, truth or one who is far ahead in his spiritual journey is best GURU. You will never meet your GURU face to face, nor will he ask you to do anything. All you have is his teachings, his life, his autobiography, his poems, his literature his wisdom, his devotion his love and of course his photograph/statue with you. You have not to travel anywhere to see him nor have you to stay in his Ashram. On the contrary, he will move along with you, where ever you go, and whatever you  do.. He is always with you in the form of his idea, his love, his wisdom, his books and his literature, the moment you close your eyes and fold you hands your GURU is always in front of you, guiding you in all your different satiation.
     Saint Ramdas says
          "jithe jithe shish maje namve,
           tihe tihe pay tuje asave"...Where ever I bow down my head , o my lord you are there.
            Be cautious of GURUS, who requires some specific poojas to be performed, some money is to be donated and so on.
            I have my won GURU whom I surrender whole heartily.
            Saint Kabir for his true love, wisdom & bliss; saint Ramdas for his cent percent Surrender to lord Ram, his capacity to rise like a phoenix bird from ashes; Swami Vivekanand for his guts, will power and capacity to fight all odds; Mahatama Gandhi for his unshakable faith in truth and Ahimsa. After his life time Experiments with truth he has discovered that, “Truth is God” is more  correct ………. then “God is truth.”
            Again the key for complete surrender lies in repetition  The more you read, listen to what your GURU said, the more peace you will find. It is repeated reading, listening and surrender that will bring profound change in your attitude towards any event/more specifically day to day events of your life.
Do some spade work so tat your GURU may take charge of your emotions.          
Find out your GURU/mentor and surrender whole heartily.

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