Tuesday, May 14, 2013

22. Practice a time for worry......fix the time and remain blissful rest of the time

22. Practice a time for worry.
“Life is a sum total of how you feel right now.” You may say this idea is not suitable for you. “I am already anxious and worried right now. How this strategy is useful for me.” Believe me this is one of the most simple way to post-pone worries and anxiety that you are facing almost all the time.
Generally you have a tendency to get yourself trapped in your vicious circle of anxiety and negative thoughts. This idea is to keep a card in your pocket and write down the problem that is bothering you right now. Your have to fix a time in day when you will resolve the problems written on your cards. Select a time in the day, when you generally feel comfortable.
Allot a time of, say fifteen minutes in a day to resolve all such problem that you have written on your card throughout the day. You are allowed to find solution to these problems, to be anxious, worried or even depressed during these fifteen minutes. As soon as the time is over you have to tear out the paper /card.
What this technique basically teaches you is, to postpone your bad mood for the time being. Your brain responds when it is confirmed that, the issue will be resolved later in the day. When you take out the card, What actually happens is you feel you are not bothered about the issue any more. It was the time and situation that make you think in that.way You may feel that the issues are not that important and it is not necessary to brood over such trivial issues. May be that was ‘time trap’ which made you think the other way.
Two things to be observed here, the time selection should be such that, you generally feel good during those fifteen minutes, secondly selected time should not be more then fifteen minutes.
This does not necessary means all that you feel at certain time is useless. Some of the issues may require immediate attention. Take two examples:
1.      Preparing a project report on dead line –say by today evening. This requires immediate attention in the morning; you can not postpone it till evening.
2.      Fear of preparing a  project report day after tomorrow. This is a feeling of fear and needs to be postponed.
Understand the difference and allow some time for worry.
A word of caution.This should not mean I am advocating procrastination Learn the difference between actual work and fear of work or fear of outcome.
Practice the time for worry.....fix the time and remain blissful rest of the time


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