Tuesday, May 7, 2013

19. Go for Picnic .........change the mood with place

19. Go picnic:
            Every body needs a change. There is no exception to this. A break in the routine will make you stress free. This technique is generally adopted as a stress relieving technique.
However, for those who are every day stressful and worried all the time, it is a sort of boon. It woks as an emotional tonic. If you are developing physical symptoms along with stress you need such outing the most.
All stresses come from over perception and our triggers. There are some primary events behind all stress. If your close relative have cheated on you, it could be your primary stress event. Now all things relating with that person may induce secondary and even tertiary stress triggers. A phone call of this relative may upset you, which is secondary trigger; even a simple thought of this relative may upset you which is a tertiary stress trigger. At your known place of work or home, there are so many temporary triggers which keep on making you uneasy half a dozen times in the day. This is why when you leave your work place and residence for a picnic, it brings calmness immediately.
More effect will be notice if you go to picnic at unknown place with unknown person. Quite often family members also induce certain stress in term of arranging picnic and providing facilities to your family members.
This however should not be implied that roaming here and there, leaving your family member to trail back home is a good stress management technique. You have to strike a perfect balence between work and picnic.
The optimum ratio of picnic with family members: with colleagues;  and alone is is to be worked out by yourself
Plan & go for picnic.......and change the mood.

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