Wednesday, September 18, 2013

35 You are always in the middle

35. You are always in the middle.
            A small boy in my neighborhood came to my house and said, “Uncle, I want to ask you a puzzle”
            “O.K. ask” I replied without looking at him. He ran back too his house and brought several toys along with him. Later, he arranged the toys around the circular sticker on the floor, and then asked.
            “Which is the first toy, uncle?”
            I kept aside my newspaper, looked at him and then at toys. I found, brightness in his eyes, as if a teacher is asking a question to his student.
            I could not answer this puzzle immediately.
            But after a few second, I put forward a cross question “yes” I said, I can answer your puzzle, provided you identify which toy is last in the line.”
            He smiled and put forward to me a philosophical statement. “Uncle, all are in the middle”
            Wow! What wisdom, he taught me. Suddenly, it dawned unto me that, no matter how hard I try, there are several thousand people smarter than me, richer than me. It is equally true, no matter how bad my conditions are, as of today, there are million of people worse than me, who need help immediately. Wow! What a relief.
            If you treat yourself as a number a positive (good) or a negative (bad), no matter what value you possess, the numbers are infinite on both the side of the zero in number scale.
            This strategy, however, should not be used misused as a tool to your procrastination habit. This technique is like a double edged sward, which you need to handle carefully.

            Know it for sure, that your are always in the middle. Be at ease all the time.

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