Wednesday, September 18, 2013

41. Cry frequently .......unload yourself

    41. Cry Frequently – unload yourself:
            By now, I have given you so many ideas which are not acceptable as general guide line or routine norms. Here is one more for you. This idea indicates that, crying frequently is good for your soul. Normally, if you are too stressed or have extreme mood swings crying is almost natural.
            In a masculine society, no one especially a man is supposed to cry. This social attitude may build up internal stress, which ultimately will come out as psychosomatic disease.
            Do you know why a child cries so frequently and so easily? It has no mechanism to store in the stress. They unload all external stress then and there only. In any case, if you are highly stressed a heartfelt cry will defiantly relieve you from all internal pressure.
            Before you believe in this technique few things should be made clear over here.
(i).  Crying should  not be for some material thing ……. Or loss or it., unless it has become extreme cause f concern
(ii). Crying should not be in public places.
(iii). Crying should not be without any aim.
                        Your aim is calmness after it.
            Remember crying after a lost item, a lost battle, a spoiled relationship or loss or heath, will also make you peaceful. And  it may reduce your stress level immediately.
            What are the thing required for such useful cry
a.       a solitude.
b.      Complete surrender.
c.       Unshakable faith in almighty.
d.      Forgive and forgive ‘attitude.’
Let your heartfelt cry be a close door affair but not alone. In front of your GURU, and almighty you need to surrender whole heatedly. Keep a photograph of your GURU/God  in front of you, tune in the words of wisdom spoken by your GURUJI, fold your hand, bow down and Let your eyes be washed. Don’t ask anything. Just surrender. He knows your fight, he is aware of your losses and problems, your drawbacks, your ill health. Let him decide his own way.
            One of the stanzas of Swami Ramdas which I normally recite while I surrender is
“O Almighty, what should I ask while standing in front of you. This melancholy does not seem to be fading away. Let my all doubts be shattered and let my all worries be melted away, this is the only thing that I ask, my lord.”
                                                                                    -Ramdas (Karunashtak-29)
What a way to ask !
Here is one more request.
O Almighty, I am unable, on my own, to stop this chatter of my mind. I can not detach myself from my kith an kin. Every moment my confidence shakes. O ocean of compassion, that is why I surrender unto you.
-          Ramdas (Karunthal-5)
            Believe me, this is the only way out, when you hit upon your trigger knowingly or unknowingly.
            Some time it so happen that, even after your first surrender you do not get calmness. The negatives are so strong that, they overwhelm you, while you are praying.
            What should you do in such case?
Surrender the thought itself to the almighty.
            Recite this one from Ramdas.
“O, Almighty, please don’t make my logic and intelligence go hay wire completely, as I surrender up to you.”
Cry frequently and in process unload your stress.

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