Wednesday, September 18, 2013

38. Avoid over indulgence in least for now

38. Avoid over Indulgence in compassion:
“Compassion” by dictionary meaning is ‘pity’. As a general guide line compassion is suppose to be good for your emotional health. However, if you notice, for those who are very sensitive, get over indulged in compassion and feel low themselves.
            There is a difference between helping others out of pure compassion and feeling bad for his conditions. The more your are sensitive to certain issue, the more you feel down after you face such situation. This is I termed, as overindulgence in compassion.
            A lady when feel compassion after seeing a crippled beggar and gives him some money is pure compassion. She is not emotionally attached to the sadness of the beggar. However, if the same lady when feels/sees her crippled son in place of beggar, feels sorrow, which is not pure compassion. It is her sensitivity towards her son that makes her feel extreme sorrow before compassion. You must watch your emotions so that, it should not develop sorrow in place of true compassion. The difference in both are very fine. Understanding others emotion is true compassion, where as feeling our self others emotion is over indulgence in compassion. Draw a fine line between these two and never cross over.
            Time and again, it is noticed that, those who have suffered a set back or those who have become sensitive to certain issue, ultimately work for such issues life long. The beauty of this compassion is that it blossoms, when you work for some one you do not know.
            Watch you steps, if you notice sadness taking over compassion stop then & there. Drop compassion altogether till you desensitize yourself towards the issue.
            Avoid over indigence in compassion….at least for now.

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