Wednesday, September 18, 2013

39. Break the background music........temporarily

39. Break the background Music………temporarily
            “This fan makes continuous noise and irritates me” complaint my elder son one evening.
            “Why?” I asked casually.
            “It does not change tone and it is a continuous monotonous tone.” He replied.
“Do you like background music mixed with a song?” I asked.
“Yes, because it change the tone and it is soothing.” He tried to explain it to me.
            When the tone is continuous, monotonous, unending and undesirable you are annoyed by it.Suddenly, I realize that, how our mind often makes unnecessary, continuous chatter, which is unending. Even though you are exhausted, For some person this unbearable background music starts as soon as they get-up in the morning and keeps on chattering till late night when they sleep – if at all they sleep . In major depression,it may come in the night ours also. In fact, this is one of the most prominent symptom of major depression that,the patient looses sleep in early morning (3 to 4 am) and mind start chattering giving anxious sleep less wee hours
            How do you break this pattern? These are few tricks which may work for you, if you try them out.
1.      Walk Fast: Walking briskly is very much useful as for as physical exercise is concerned. It can also reduce your stress level by consuming some of your stress hormones. Nevertheless, there is one more advantage use of brisk walking which you may not be aware.
When you are engaged in a specific thought pattern (generally negative), and if you walk simultaneously your walking pace will be slow. That is because your attention is diverted when you are doing two things simultaneously . When you are doing two things simultaneously (walking & thinking – negative) your brain switch over automatically to a safe mode – default mode, i.e. slow speed walking.
Now if your break this pattern by walking briskly your thinking – background music has to stop temporally. Repeated efforts may yield a good amount of relief..
2.      Smile and talk to strangers:
This is a safe way to breaking the old pattern if you smile and talk to stranger so many thing happen simultaneously.
a)      Smiling reduces stress in the first step
b)      Talking will make you attentive, which in tern will break your old pattern.
c)      When you start talking you stop comparing yourself with stranger. This will put you to ease with any stranger.
3.      Use ‘mindful observation’ technique:
This is a special way of observing all things that come across you in details. It occupies a lot of working memory to observe keenly, leaving no spare time for brooding.Generally we do not observe things attentively. If  I ask you ,whether so and so shop was open or close on your way home,you may not be able to answer.
            Supposing if I observe a school boy going to school, what should I observe for as a mindful observation?
How is the uniform?
Which bag is he carrying?
What shoes he is wearing?
How is the color of shirt?
Is their any belt or the which color?
Is he weary spectacles?
Is he waiting for a friend or school bus?
Is he having water bottle in his hand which hand?
How is the boy –tall, short black with curly hair?
How is the nose?
There are ‘n’ number of observations you can make with any single object that you encounter. Observe and stop your chatter for some time. Take new routes daily when you go for a walk and observe the things.
4. Take a table tennis ball and racket. Throw the ball in the air with the racket. Now see to it that, it does not fall on the ground for next 10 minutes. You will notice that, while doing so, you need moment to moment attention to the ball, leaving no time and spare memory to brood on the same old depressing thoughts.
Break the background Music and get relief.

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