Wednesday, September 18, 2013

45." Hundred meters" and " ten to ten " test

45. ‘Hundred meters’ and ‘ten to ten’ test:
            This technique was gifted to me by a young boy. We were both walking across a flyover bridge. The boy was crying for a chocolate.
            “Don’t cry” I said.
            “Will you give me a chocolate, if I do not cry till we cross this fly over bridge?” The boy asked innocently. Suddenly, I realized that, this is a good idea.
            This is a very typical method I have often used for myself. The basic idea here is to postpone the bad moods, for sometime.
            A teenager boy come to a wiser man of the village “I can not stop smoking” asked the boy. “What should I do?” The wise man replied “you don’t have to stop smoking altogether. Then only thing you have to do is to wait for half an hour whenever you feel like smoking.”
            “This is very simple, the boy was delighted”
“But, this is for the first weak only. The next weak you will have to wait for 45 minutes before you smoke. Each weak you will have to add 15 minutes before you smoke.”
            After few weeks the boy came to the wise man “sir, I have stopped smoking, completely.”
            The idea is the habits do not go immediately. If you have accustomed to habitual brooding and worrying for small matters, you can not stop it immediately. Your mind has to learn it slowly. Let your brain know that, it is possible, for at least some time, to postpone the worrying or brooding.
            Happiness is all about your mood at this moment. If you can postpone your negative thoughts and worries for same time, happiness is right here and now. Happiness has nothing to do with past or future. Though, everyone know, it is difficult to practice this idea, especially if you have formed a negative pattern for yourself.
            I use, this technique very often. Sometimes, I decide remain calm over certain issue till I walk 100 meters distance or till I reach a shopping mall. It is amazing when you ask you brain to keep quite, only for some time, it obeys the order. Your brain is assured, that, it can revert back to its original chatter after only some time. This technique is known as “100 mtr” technique. It is technique of walking only 100 mtr. Cool minded. If you can achieve this  stage, the next stage is “10 to 10 test”.
            Take one day at a time, say “Sunday”. From 10 am Sunday to 10 am next day, you will not allow your brain to go negative. Observe this for 24 hrs only. If you catch yourself worrying / brooding over certain issue gently request your brain that, “oh, my dear friend only nine hours after left now. Why do you make such haste?” Slowly you will notice that, you can delay the anxiety for some length of time. This is what exactly required for a blissful mind. Keep a card reading “10 to 10 test” in your pocket and touch it all time, remanding yourself of your short term goal.
            This strategy can then be extended for the days in a weak, three days in a week & so on. Go slow, unless you master 100 mtr. test don’t venture in ’10 to 10 test.’
            Use this technique judiciously and not for  procrastination.
            Learn ‘100 mtr’ and ’10 to 10 test’ technique.

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