Wednesday, September 18, 2013

44. Expand Brotherhood....Love all

             44. Expand brotherhood…………. Love all.
            This notion was also received while vacating our house in village, after it was sold. Along with the stamped documents dating back to 1888, I found, what is known as a ‘Family tree’. It is a big tree with trunk as my 8th generation forefather and names of successive generations spreading out as smaller branches. I never knew the name of my grate grand father ,forget  the eighth generation fore fathers.
            I noticed, while careful observations, that seventy five percent population of my village community, were covered as various branches and sub-branches of this giant tree. How amazing!
            Suddenly I got an idea. Suppose, if I extend the tree further down to say one thousand generations, how will a look?. Will it cover all the population of my district of say state? possibility, yes. What if I extend it to one thousand generation? Are we all not, virtually, brother in true sense? What makes us that unhappy with our brothers? What is that, we want to prove and capture from our brothers?
            The other day, while traveling through Mumbai suburban train, I witnessed a hot argument between two such brothers for a seat., the seat, which will have to be vacated after half an hour. Even first class suburban train passengers quarrel over seat. The only difference between the arguments in second class and first class compartment is that, the former argue in Hindi while the later argue in English!
            Are they not brother of a tree of the thousand years? Who knows?
            Expand brotherhood – love all.

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