Wednesday, September 18, 2013

36. Tone Down your own evaluation standards

36. Tone down your own evaluation standards:
            I used to get very much upset whenever I could not answer any  question asked in my seminar on “Stress Management” at our training institute. It gave me immense bad mood when I missed one sentence. One wards or could not pronounce properly in my lecture at this seminar. One day we had a guest speaker on the topic, who spoke confidently well. After the seminar I saw this gentle man very much delighted. He came to me and said “what a nice speech I delivered”. This made me reevaluate my faulty process of evaluation.
The first question I asked myself was “what the hell, I know about stress management”? “What do I need to feel successful?”
“Is it not enough to answer twenty seven questions correctly and make  mistake once !”
“Who do I think I am? a super man?”
“No way.” The answer came immediately.
Suddenly I felt that it gave enormous relief if I tone down my own evolution criteria.
            Further while reading “My experiment with truth” by M.K.Gandhi and “letters by Swami Vivekanand”, I found that both of them could not speak at their optimum level initially.
            Swami Vivekanad wrote after his famous speech of Chicago. “It is he, the almighty, who made me speak, otherwise my throat was completely dry.”
It made me think. “Why I should not tone down my faulty process of biting myself again and again. It is like betting my own horse repeatedly without giving it any food, water or rest.
            These idea applies to all those who are highly anxious, nervous and highly perfectionist. It will not work for those who want to escape the situation. This also does not mean you have to lower your evolution process to primary level or lowest level. There should be a good compromise between your capabilities, your goal and your temperament.
Tone down strident standards and feel relaxed.

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