Wednesday, September 18, 2013

37. Jungle Rules..true virtues

37. Jungle Rules:
            The other day I was watching a T.V cartoon, Mogli , with my younger son. The leader of the jungle unit punishes one of the members for not obeying Jungle rules. Suddenly my son asked “what are jungle rules, Dady”
            These are the rules which uses might and which are unjustified all the time.” I replied inadvertently.
“Is it? He was not satisfied with my answer. “But here it says, no one should kill others if he is not hungry. “Is this note justified rule” he asked.
            Suddenly, I released that, what I said was not totally correct. Some of the animal rules are so spiritual that, you need to adopt them.
            Is it not worth adapting certain rules like?
  1. Don’t kill (disturb) others if you are not hungry. i.e. do not attack others physically or verbally if it is not warranted.
  2. Do not store any thing for tomorrow. i.e. do not be greedy.
  3. Detach yourself from your children as soon as they start flying. (As they became matured.)
  4. To go to bed at sunset and to getup at sun-rise.
  5. Do not enters some else’s tertiary. (Do not tress pass)
  6. Use your passion for reproduction purpose only.
  7. Do not pollute surrounding and atmosphere.
  8. Enjoy this moment irrespective of your life Span of few days (mosquitoes) or three hundred years (tortoise).
  9. Never worry for your future.
  10. Never bother for what others do or say.
  11.  If situation demands ,run away from the situation. There is nothing like ego or status.
There are ‘n’ number of rules that needs to be adopted in toto, let others say you are a Junglee.
On a trial basis adopt one rule from today.


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