Wednesday, September 18, 2013

42. Put Yourself in learning mode

42. Put yourself in a ‘learing’mode
“How dare you say this to me? You don’t have manners.” Shouted one of my friend to a colleague. The problem was very simple. While the friend was handling his mobile phone, this Colleague has passed a remark. “You do not know battery and connectivity status of the phone, how would you send SMS?”
            Later in the day, I met my friend and tried to pacify his emotions. He was not in mood to listen to me.
            “He is very arrogant and things he only knows everything” he again argued the same thing.
            “OK” I explained,: he was not good in his behavior. If I say, “You do not know how to fly a helicopter, how would you react? Would you mind it?
            “No, not at all. I do not know how to fly, it is OK.”
            “Now,” I continued “if I say you do not know your mother tongue properly, how would you react?”
            “I would, reject the statement, completely” he was confident. Suddenly he realized  that, it was easy for him if he could accept of reject the statement completely.
            The problem comes when you are half heated. You are stressful when your conscious mind says you should know it and your subconscious mind is doubtful out it.
            What is the solution then?
The solution lies in the awareness that, there is position –in fact there are numerous position- between knowing and not knowing. This is termed as learning mode. The only thing required here is you must have left zero percentage and not reached cent percent of any knowledge or skill. All that lie between zero and cent percent is termed as learning mode.
            If you accept yourself in a learning mode. You are not worried about reaching cent percent. Once you have become aware of your mood swings you have started learning. You are not now bothered even if you loose your mood once in  a while. It is a learning mode.
            Be aware and put yourself in a learning mode.

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