Friday, July 26, 2013

34. Look back and relax

34. Look back and Relax:
            This modified version of the famous words “Sit back and relax” come to me in dramatic way.
            We had our house in our village in Northern Gujarat. The house was built by our forefathers. As none of my brother or sister now stays at village we sold the house recently. While vacating the house of all Junk old materials I found a file containing some documents dating back to Nineteen Century. One of which i has written note with marked date Tenth July 1888.. The stamp papers in Annas & Ruppes marked with a Photo of his Highness Sayajirao Gaikwad of Baroda State – Gujarat. While going through It I found several stamped documents containing writ petition on the ownership of house and adjoining piece of land.
            Both the person,one who has claimed the ownership and another who has objected are dead years ago. The judgment by the judiciary of his highness has rejected the plea of ownership, stating the land is owned by the king, his Highness Sayajirao Gaikwad.
            It was amazing and deeply moving experience for me. The king and his kingdom has gone, the British rule has gone, my fore father has left long ago and now we have sold the old house. Whose house and land was it any way? On top of it, one of the document ruled that the house is the property of my fore fathers ;  “As long the Sun and the Moon shines in the sky.” (yavad chandra divakaro-in Sanskrit-which means -as long as Sun and Moon shines in the sky) Wow! What a feeling it was! The sun and the Mom still shine and will continue to shine in the sky, but the owner so house and land are no more there.
            Now, whenever, I get upset over and a pretty issue, especially the issue pertaining to loss, I remember this event. If required, I take out this stamped paper and smile over it &  sometime laugh loudly.
“Sit back and Relax” will not wok for you if you are too sensitive to certain issue or too worried on small matters.
            Nevertheless, if you leave the “look back and Relax” attitude you may find peace everywhere.
            So look back….. smile…. and Relax.

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