Wednesday, June 26, 2013

32. Find the purpose....and find motivation

32. Find Purpose:
            ‘Find purpose’ is a very wide term used in general terminology. There are three aspects of finding the purpose.
1.      Find the purpose of others behavior.
2.      Find the purpose of your set backs/adversity.
3.      Find the purpose of your life.
1.      We are generally unhappy with the behavior of our close relatives. The more closer/intimate the relationship, the more you are hurt by their slightest rough behavior. What you have to do is to find the purpose in the behavior rather that the method.
When I was studying in the school I used to remain very much unhappy with one of my teacher who used to give lot of home work. One day my father explained it to me that it is good for you to do more home work. You will become expert in mathematics by doing good amount of practice.
“It is like talking a bitter medicine for your health.” He continued to explain it to me.
I do not remember whether I understood this advice or not. However, if I look back at this, I am convinced that, it has made my career as an engineer. Now I could understand that, what is required to be observed is the purpose behind any action and not the process of doing it.
2. When some adversity strikes, you may feel overwhelmed by this situation. The most difficult part here is to find the purpose in adversity. When I had some mood swings ten years back. I was literally overwhelmed by it, leave aside finding the purpose. But now, as I look back, I feel it has given me immense wisdom and clear attitude towards the problems. I am in fact, proud of the fact that, I have privilege of having, first hand experience of what I meant by ‘mood swing’. All the techniques mentioned here in this booklet are tested for months together before it reaches you. These are not the words of some books taken directly to show knowledge over the issue. It has in fact, given an idea to help others who are struggling to come out of their shell and tame the monster within.
      Almost all social organizations, those who help others in crisis are outcome of some person/s efforts who has found a purpose in his own adversity. An  extension of finding such purpose may lead to purpose of life.
      When we say that, purpose of life is liberation no body knows what it actually mean to be liberated. To the best of my knowledge, forgetting your own problems, helping others and while doing so to remain blissful is liberation, a true liberation.           
Find the purpose at all levels.
Find the purpose in adverse condition, you are in today.....and find motivation.

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