Tuesday, June 11, 2013

30. Do pranayam(Deep Breathing)...........feel at ease

30. Do pranayames (Deep breathing.) ……..feel at ease
            In a laymen’s term prannayam is a process of deep breathing.
            Time and again I have noticed that, whenever I feel stressed my breathing pattern is not normal. The breathing becomes shallow and rapid.My jaws are tight and my first is clinched.
            There are two types of nerves in our body. One taking order from brains to various muscles i.e. sympathetic and other one which return message from muscles to the brain i.e. parasympathetic nerve. We do not have full control on sympathetic nerves, however we can manipulate parasympathetic nerves.
            When you become tense your breathing pattern is first to be affected. It become shallow and rapid. This deprives you of your oxygen requirement and intern make you more tense, because brain requires maximum oxygen in our body. Thus, the sympathetic nerves are activated making you tense. Now suppose, you deliberately manipulate the breathing pattern, it send the message to the brain that, everything is normal. The tension is thus eased out.
            The process of taking deep breathing deliberately is known as Pranayam. It was devised by the ancient saints as a mandatory method of God realization and spirituality. Regular practice of deep breathing can relive you of your mood swings, slowly but certainly.

            Without going into any complicated pranayam, you can do simplest deep breathing. Sit down cross legged or on a chair get yourself comfortable and relaxed. Be aware of your breathing pattern, slowly take in air inhale through both nostrils, hold for a second (only), and exhale slowly through both nostrils. Pause for a second and start the cycle again. If you can feel coolness of the air going in and warmness of air coming out, the results will be wonderful. Do this for five minutes only at the start and go up to 15 minutes in three months time, start deep breathing the bliss do Pranayams. 
  This is age old technique devised by ancient Indian saints
Do pranayam (Deep breathing)............feel at ease

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