Sunday, June 2, 2013

28. Moment to moment attention........divert emotions

27. Moment to moment attention:
            One of the way to control emotional outburst either anger, sorrow, gloominess, worry, anxiety is to switch on logical part of the brain. Though it is not possible to, go logical when anxiety attacks you in full force. Nevertheless, after first surrender and faith you can switch on your logical part of the brain to tone down the effect of emotional storm.
            Generally you will not be able to think anything logical under these circumstances. But there are some interesting ways to slowly introduce logic. If you have to engage or if you can engage your attention every moment to something the emotional intensity will slowly fade away. The emotions gets stronger and stronger if you sit idle and brood or sit on an armchair doing nothing. This does not mean relaxing on an armchair brings bad moods but if you already have bad moods it is better to get going than sitting idle.
            Be aware and know it for sure, that you need to change the focus of your thought immediately.
            Following things are recommended immediately after the attack of emotional storm – of course after you become aware and after you surrender completely.
  1. Take up a walkman/ MP-3 Player and go for a long walk. (Not long drive).
  2. Play out door game with your son/pet.
  3. Take up a table tennis ball and racket and throw up the ball not allowing it to fall for ten minutes.
  4. Take up any three digit number say 874 & count speedily backward 873… 872…. 871…. Till you reach number one. The idea here is not allowing your automatic counting response to take over. When you count backward you have to have your attention their every time, making your logic work.
  5. There is one special pranayam(breathing technique)  that can work for you. Take deep breath and say ‘SO’ without making any external noise. Pause for a second and then exhale while exhaling say “hmmmm……’ again without making any external noise. ‘SO’ ‘hummm…..’ ‘soham’ . irrespective of its spiritual benefit what is does is divert your attention to your breath moment to moment. This will ultimately reduce the impact of immaterial storm.
  6. Recite you mantra. However, please make it sure that, you write the first word of the mantra in air (imagine) whenever you complete one mantra and start the another. This will also make you aware of it every moment and take your attention away from your emotions.
  7. Play a video game where you have to defend yourself every moment.
  8. Go to your close friend and talk about how you feel.
  9. Write down a diary or letter about how you feel. Be sure you finish the note with positive words.
  10. The most effective way is to surrender to your GURU, whole heartily. Surrender everything that you possess, including your body, your thoughts and your emotions. It is he and only he who could amend your emotions, if your say those emotion are from him only. This idea was taught to me by two ladies from village. One was crying profusely and the other was advising, “look, whenever, it goes beyond your control leave it all to God. Let him amend, if he wants. Let him not if he doesn't wish it be amended."
Engage your self in moment to moment attention........divert emotions

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