Saturday, June 1, 2013

27. Help others............feel your worth

26. Help others:
            When you are gloomy and worried about yourself, your future, your family, your health, your financial status, your career problem, your vision is completely blocked. It is like a big hillock  standing between you and your true vision. In such circumstances you have two options, either to more the hillock or get yourself away form it. The later is easy to perform. So shift your attention for the time being to some one else and come round the hillock to your destination. This does not mean, however, that, planning your future career, health and financial independence is bad in any way. There is however, a difference between planning and brooding. When you truly plan you future four aspect are essentially involved in it.
(a). You are happy with your present status. However you wants to reach the higher goals.
(b). You are optimistic of you future goal and visualize vividly the outcome as positive.
(c). Your are confident of your plan and for that matter your capacity to execute it.
(d). You are ready, in case it happens so, to take the failure in your stride and move ahead. This failure may take you below the status from where you have started. It may also give you some permanent losses.
            If these are the ingredients of your planning there is no problem at all. However, the other side of it is exactly opposite. You are unhappy today, desperate to get something or avoid something, anxious and not confident. If this is the way you are planning your future then STOP.
            STOP for sometime and drop your future altogether. Help others to elevate their present status. Their present is more worse than your future.
            Help others means helping a needy person in any manner. Spending time, giving same money and physical energy for others may even lift your present bad moods. However, please don’t do it for the sake of it or for earning the name and fame. No major work or huge amount is required here. And empathetic listening to a frustrated teenager  boy is enough, without giving him any advice.
            It is not known, how helping others actually lift your level of well being.
            There are tow reasons for the same.
            If you are spiritual, helping others will give you satisfaction, you may feel your worth. You may find a purpose and direction in your life. These all aspects will ultimately make you feel good.
            On the other hand, if you are egoistic, you need to feed your ego daily. Ego is like a monster which requires regular feeding. By helping others you inadvertently believe that you have done something for others, and that you are an inch above others, or at least you are not lower then the average person. There are hundred thousand people below your slandered. This idea of feeding the ego through helping others is still a debatable issue. Nevertheless, less this surety work for all person alike.
            More appropriate reason, as I feel, is the feeling of worth. Someone in the word is there, who need you help. This necessarily implies that, you are not worthless. A clinical depression sets in with a strong feeling of worthlessness, uselessness, extreme self pity. Extreme self guilt and a feeling of pitch dark future. Please know it for sure; there are pure feeling, your temporary perception of the world and your future. It has nothing to do with correctness or logical reasoning. Once you know this and start helping others your mood starts lifting automatically. This habit of helping others will stop your worthlessness and even prevent you from taking extreme step of harming yourself.
So, ……………… start helping others. and feel your worth

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