Sunday, June 9, 2013

30. Act as if..........and feel like a king

29. Act as if……………
            My younger son is afraid of entering in a dark room alone, unless there is light or some one accompanying him he will not enter in to the dark room. The other day he said, “Papa I am selected to act in a drama ” Alexander the Great and I want to rehearse my dialogues in front of you”. "ok,start ' I said.After  few minutes he missed one line and required his notebook, where in the dialogues were written. “Go, get it” I said, he went in the room and get his notebook.
            “How come you are not afraid, while bringing this note book ?.” I asked.
            “Well,” he replied “you know, I am Alexander the Great, right now.”
I liked this idea so much that. I started using it for my own practice to preserve bliss all through the day.
            Acting as if you were so and so…….. Or acting as if you are in your best form, acting as if you are on top of the world, all these will relieve your pain immediately. What you do here is deny your routine negative thought, any entry in to our brain by saying” “I am different.” Acting as if you are a child and have profound joy and bliss will shift your focus from the existing problems. Knowing well, your are only acting and that, you can get back to your stress and bad moods as and when they resurface will give you free access to true bliss.
            It is however, to be noted here that, acting as if should not be harmful to anybody else, or it should not violate general law of land and ethic. Acting as if you are king of kings does not mean, you can kick any body walking on the road. It is used only to control and tame your inner monster and not for any other purpose.
            Start with only fifteen minutes “Acting as if…….” Session and you can increase up to one hour a day. A ward of caution has……” Acting as if…….” Does not mean you have to drop all work that you are supposed to do as per your duties and only act. Believe and feel intensely “As if……..” and do your duties as usual.
Act now, act as if……………and feel like a king.

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