Friday, May 12, 2017

overcome Depression- Kaizen Way

  I have first hand experience of clinical depression.,in  the tear 1995-96, and on medication for quite some time. I know ,very well ,how it feels and how people do not understand the feelings.
 After overcoming depression , I rose to height post in my organization.
 Now , after my retirement , I would like to help people to come out of it.
 I stay in Mumbai , India. I would love to take free workshops for patients and their family members, any time.
 please feel free to contact me on this blog or my mail

The techniques ,are mentioned in my book -A GIFTED TOY- which basically says that ,treat your depression as a gift from God
 Kaizen techniques is a slow but certain way of progress

wish you speedy recovery

Love you all

Amit Dave

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