Monday, April 3, 2017

How to overcome Depression

Depression is one of the major problem nowadays.It affects school children,officers,executives or housewives alike.
 A free workshop on how to accept,work and overcome depression is arranged by Shri Amit Dave on 22nd April 2017, between 5pm to 9 pm at Room no 102,All India Institute of Local Self Government, Juhu Gully, Andheri West.,Mumbai.
  Mr Amit Dave is a Rtd Deputy Chief Engineer from BMC,who has first hand experience of major Depression in the year 1994-95. He not only managed to overcome it but reached to one of the highest administrative position ie Assistant Commissioner M/East ward (Chembur,Govandi)
 He will guide the participants on various techniques and methods which work hand in hand with prescribed medication and patient feel better.
 All those who would like to lead a normal and blissful life,despite their depression are requested to attend the workshop.
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